Multichannel Visual Design


Brands need to be distinctive. A unique and catchy brand profile is an important
building block for your market success. And yet: You do not get a brand identity
without working for it.

It is therefore our goal to sum up your company – epitomising all of its values –
in a brand with a clear and distinctive identity. In the process, we distil the values
from your company’s history as well as its present and future core expertise in
order to develop a unique brand story. Packing this in a distinctive brand identity
is the basis for communicating the brand and its marketing coherently. This alone
will ensure that your brand not only reaches your target group, but also win their

That is why AP IMAGE develops brands using a holistic approach – from strategy
to the brand story, from the visual identity right up to implementing the
communication solutions. So that your brand gets attention, wins approval and
triggers positive emotions.

No matter whether you want to develop a new brand identity or just need to
relaunch your brand - contact us.

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