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About us

AP IMAGE is a multi-channel agency for visual design. AP IMAGE offers all of the services of an international advertising and image agency… and then some.

AP IMAGE was founded in 2008 by Alain Piercot. As the creative director, he brings more than 20 years of experience in the area of communications and media to his work. Under his leadership at AP IMAGE, the best professionals of their craft work together in an effective network: photographers, motion designers, copy-
writers, marketing specialists, web and app developers, event managers as well as engineers and interior architects. 


For each project, we at AP IMAGE put together an individual team of specialists. Due to such a flexible structure, it is possible for AP IMAGE to master every challenge with a particular measure of individuality, efficiency and – above all – perfection, from simple tasks right up to major, complex orders.

AP IMAGE has grown rapidly in the last few years, thanks to a business concept that combines the very highest standards of creativity on all channels of communication with a clear focus on the product’s market success.

We serve German and international clients from the industries of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, media, entertainment, interior design and technical in the areas of image, corporate identity and brand management.

Our passion for creativity is what drives us. We are constantly striving to develop something unique. Something that convinces, excites, stirs… making brands tangible.

We all love beautiful things. Nothing fascinates us more than
people or objects that have a certain something
– a distinctive aura.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Alain Piercot. I am the creative director and make use of the many possibilities that visual means of communication offer for giving products and companies this kind of distinctive aura. This is the way unique brands that stand out from the masses rise up above the others because of their design, image and expressiveness. I call it:


My approach is simple and consistent. I work for products and companies that attract my curiosity and fill me with excitement. I delve into their company philosophy, getting intensely involved with their strategy and positioning. In this way I develop distinct design ideas that captivate by their finesse, perfection and quality implementation.

Thanks to my international clientele and many years’ experience – as a visual supervisor at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, among other things – I have very extensive knowledge at my fingertips with respect to communications and media. I have a holistic way of working with companies and brands.

My core competency involves creating and managing unique brand environments – whether in digital or print form or in campaigns, events, promotion or store design.

We all love beautiful things. It is my passion to enhance what makes them distinctive even more.

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