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It only takes a few seconds for a user to decide whether to linger on a website or take a closer look at your app. Design, clear configuration and expressiveness are what counts when it comes to piquing a visitor’s interest in your brand or product within these first few moments.

From forming the initial idea to the design and fine-tuning phase, AP IMAGE helps with developing usability experience and design concepts and also the visual appearance, as well as with providing technical consultation and designing programmes to implement your individual digital solution.

Our agency not only ensures that your new website is perfectly suited to your brand – our ideas go one step further. So right from the beginning we will be keeping content-related and technical developments of the future in mind, making sure that your web presence works perfectly even on mobile devices and is easy for your mobile users to operate.

Our “four steps to success” approach offers you transparency in your project at all times and guarantees maximum success for your digital solution.


1 Idea Phase

We first assimilate your company’s ideas and requirements in a kick-off or brainstorming workshop. Taking your marketing objectives as a basis, we formulate a strategy for your digital media. Our digital experts at AP IMAGE use this as a foundation to develop a central idea, fleshing it out with content, visual and technical aspects to create a design.

2 Implementation Phase

In this phase, our design professionals convert and develop the finished idea to make your “individual look”. Our digital editors formulate your contents, topics and messages in the content creation process. Working in tandem, digital architects and experienced developers focus on the technical details to make your website or your mobile solution a reality. 

3 Launch Phase

Before AP IMAGE turns over your project to you for acceptance, we will conduct extensive tests and quality assurance measures. Afterwards, you will have sufficient time to make note of any final changes you would like us to carry out and grant final approval to the project. At the same time, we will be training you to use the content management solution so that you will be capable of keeping your digital solution current and up-to-date as soon as your project goes live. We will be ready for the launch of your new “digital face” by the appointed time and will gladly support you when it comes time to market it.

4 Success Measurement & Marketing Phase

By using regular access analyses, we measure the success of your digital solution. We offer suggestions for online marketing measures, search engine marketing and search engine optimisation that are designed to meet your needs. In this way, we bring more traffic to your website from amongst your target customers. Our social media experts ensure that it dovetails perfectly with existing social media presences, or they will create tailor-made solutions. 

Always Part of the Picture: Project Management & Quality Assurance

One member of our project team is an experienced project manager. He accompanies you on all phases of your project and is your contact person for all of your questions and preferences. He uses interim reports or presentations to keep you up to speed at all times so that you can constantly rest assured of the quality of our work.

Quality is our top priority at AP IMAGE. That is why the quality assurance process plays a part in every phase of our projects.

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