Multichannel Visual Design


For many brands, the spatial element is the interface to the customer.
We at AP IMAGE are specialised in using architectonic techniques to stage brands. Together with our team of designers, architects and strategists, we design authentic product environments and transport the standards and values of your company – using creative, attention-grabbing ideas to convey your message and excite emotions. In so doing, we underscore a clearly identifiable brand image that will fortify and advance your market position.

With our ideas for store design, AP IMAGE makes your brand’s higher value and
desirability tangible, undergirding confidence in your products and bringing
customers to a place where they can come in contact with your brand.

Using the power of innovation and a sense of current and coming trends, we
develop and create design solutions to satisfy the very highest standards.
What makes us stand out in this regard is the perfect mixture of strategic
competence and exceptional design.

Take a look at the example of „FABIEN K“ to get an initial impression of our

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